It’s been a busy few months for us leading us to our official launch of the Outfield web app! 

This February, we began testing our new web app with early users. Their feedback was fantastic, and we are now excited to announce that the Outfield web app is live for all Outfield users.

The Outfield web app is a convenient place for keeping track of your orchards. You can edit and add new fields within the app. You can also download the drone flight path files you need for surveys, and view the results after each appraisal. When you have surveyed an orchard you can securely upload the survey photos through our app to be processed. Once the data from the images is prepared, you’ll be able to access everything straight from the app.

The launch of the web app is an exciting milestone for Outfield as it allows us to offer our orchard surveying services to fruit growers anywhere in the world. 

Throughout 2021 we will be adding even more features to the web app, including more data visualisation tools and ways to share data from the app with other farming platforms and precision application systems.

Stay tuned!

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