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Your orchard data platform

The orchard data you need


Outfield is a platform for gathering, analysing and viewing the data you need to manage your orchard effectively. Whether it’s scans of tree health, water stress, assessments of blossom density or orchard weather data, Outfield can help you visualise and track the parameters that matter to you and your farm. For valuable fruit orchard crops, Outfield offers you a whole new level of precision farming.

How it works


Outfield allows you to track data gathered from drone surveys, aircraft surveys, satellite data, fixed weather stations, in-field assessments and more. Track and compare data for different orchards, different sites, and different seasons, and interface with precision spray systems – allowing you and your agronomist to produce spraying prescriptions row by row or even tree by tree. Finally, anonymously benchmark your crop’s performance against other Outfield users.

Outfield is currently looking for development partners to help test and expand our platform. If you are a pome fruit grower in the UK or globally, get in touch and help us build the future of fruit farming.