Yield Estimation

The fastest way to get yield estimates for your orchard

Yield Estimation

Detailed yield estimates are crucial to managing your supply chain effectively. From picking to packing, having an accurate forecast of how many fruit each orchard will produce is vitally important. Fruit growers need a yield estimation system that is fast and simple to deploy, providing forecasts that are easy to interpret.

Using Outfield you can:

  • Quickly generate yield estimates for your orchards
  • Identify higher and lower yielding areas of each orchard
  • Plan harvesting and transport effectively
  • Model how size and picking loss will affect yield
  • Generate useful data for fruit marketing and sales desks

Yield estimations are crucial for fruit growers and the whole supply chain. Getting accurate and low cost yield estimates during the growing season is one of the biggest challenges facing production managers.

Using an Outfield fruit loading map, a yield estimate for an orchard can be quickly generated. This yield estimate can be in tonnes, number of bins, or total pieces or of fruit, to match the requirements of the marketing and sales teams.

Outfield provides growers with fruit variability and loading maps that determine where and when to harvest. Unlock your orchard’s unrealised potential by knowing every fruit on every tree. Obtain optimal fruit growth all the way from blossom to harvest with additional scans.

Outfield provides you with on tree yield estimates from 40 mm (1.5 in) fruit diameter, right up until harvest. Predicted fruit size, picking losses and pollinator trees are all taken into account when the estimate is produced.

Detailed yield estimates allow your sales and marketing team to negotiate contracts with confidence and get the best result from your crop. Using Outfield, you can actively manage your logistics, resources and supply chain to ensure delivery of consistent quality and quantity every season.


Accurate forecasting

Maximise yields

Share data with your team

Quickly scan your orchards

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