Setting up and Flying The Drone

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  • Post published:July 5, 2022
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Preparing equipment for an Outfield Survey is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is set up your controller:

The Controller

  • Take it out of its case
  • Attach the tablet holder
  • Place the tablet in the holder

The next step is to connect your tablet to the controller with the appropriate cable. Then switch the controller on.

The Drone

  • Take your drone out of its case
  • Unfold all four legs making sure they’re sturdy
  • Remove the camera cover

Double check that your SD card is inserted and that the SD card cover is nicely sealed

Turn the drone on by tapping then holding the button on the top of the battery


You now need to load up your flight plan within Litchi, tap the folder on the left hand side of the screen and select your flight.

The, tap the play button and tap “START NOW”

The mission will upload to the drone and it will take off automatically.

It will fly to its first waypoint and start taking images immediately.

At this point, you simply need to wait for the flight to complete. Always keep a line of sight on your drone and ensure that you are aware of where it is. The drone will take images every few seconds, you should hear a camera shutter sound play through your tablet each time that happens.

Once the flight is complete the drone will hover over the last waypoint of the flight. If you press and hold the return to home button, the drone will return to you and land in the exact same spot that it took off from.

Stand clear of the drone when it’s landing and be ready stop the landing manually if it looks like something is about to go wrong

Once the drone has touched down you can switch it off by tapping and holding the button on the top of the battery.

Now that the flight is done, there is only one more step, uploading your data. An article on that is coming soon.