Refresher on Litchi Settings

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  • Post published:July 5, 2022
  • Reading time:3 mins read

A quick reminder on the right settings to use in the Litchi flight control app.

On Your Tablet or Mobile

1. Open the Litchi app on your tablet or mobile device

2. Use these camera settings:

  • From the main screen enter Settings (select the cog wheel icon in the top right) and scroll to the CAMERA section
    • Turn Over Exposure Warning on
  • From the main screen enter the Camera Settings (select the small slider icon on the right)
    • Under Exposure Settings, set exposure mode to Auto
    • Use the -/+ buttons to reduce ISO until it says ISO Auto
    • Set White Balance to Cloudy

3. Control the camera exposure during flight to avoid over-exposure:

  • The EV value is shown at the top centre of the screen during flight, and is usually controlled using the right wheel on the back of your controller
    • On a cloudy day, use an EV setting of -0.7 to -1.3
    • On a sunny day, use an EV setting of -1.7 to -2.7

On Your Computer

1. Navigate to and log in to your Litchi account

2. Turn on terrain following for your Outfield flight paths:

  • Open your mission by selecting it from the MISSIONS menu or importing a new mission
  • When the mission is open on the screen, select the SETTINGS button
    • At the bottom of the menu set the Use Online Elevation option to yes and close the menu
  • Save the mission by clicking MISSIONS and then Save…