Which drone models are compatible?

Outfield is currently compatible with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the DJI Phantom 4 V2, and the Yuneec H520E. We are adding new drone types all the time, do check back here or get in contact with us if you already have a different drone model.

Who flies the drone?

You do! Outfield is a software system that allows fruit growers to use drones quickly and easily on the farm. The system is easy to use and set up, and gives you the flexibility to survey your orchards whenever you want.

Do I need a licence to fly a drone?

You will have to check the drone regulations in your local area before you fly a drone. We can help you work out what the rules are if you have any problems.

How often can I survey my orchards?

Using Outfield, you can survey your orchards as many times as you want during the season. We recommend a minimum of five surveys per orchard, from blossom to post-harvest, but you may want to survey more or less often to suit your needs.

Is any 3rd party software required?

Yes, you will need to have the Litchi app or another drone flight control system installed in order to use Outfield. You will also need a tablet or mobile device to control your drone. We will provide you with the support you need in order to set this up.

Is Outfield available in my country?

Yes, Outfield is available globally and is currently being used by growers on five different continents.

My orchard is on a slope, can I use Outfield?

Yes, Outfield flight plans can handle uneven terrain. The drone will maintain a set height above the ground as it flies over the orchard.

Are hail nets a problem?

No, Outfield can count apples through hail netting. The system works well with dark coloured netting, for light coloured netting you may need to adjust the settings, please just reach out and we will help you.

What about powerlines over my orchards?

No problem, Outfield can produce flight plans for your orchard that avoid obstacles such as power lines, buildings and tall trees.

Can I use Outfield maps with my precision sprayer?

Yes, definitely! We currently support the use of Munckhof precision sprayers, and we are keen to add more. Please let us know which sprayer you have.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we are always on hand if you need it. Reach out to us to see what support options are available for your area.