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Crop Trial Surveys

Why use drone surveys?

Get more from your trials with Outfield’s drone survey services. An aerial survey of your agricultural trials will give you quantitative data, help you identify trends and could save you time on manual assessments.

Outfield can quickly and accurately map your trial from the air, giving you and your client a whole new perspective. Repeat surveys across the season can help you to understand effects of treatments while providing a reliable source of numerical data.

Since 2016, Outfield has provided drone surveys of agricultural trials in arable, field veg and fruit crops. Our clients include large and small agri-companies, universities and crop research organisations such as NIAB and the BBRO.

Outfield’s crop trial services

An Outfield survey provides you with high resolution maps of the trial site, both visual and in vegetation indices including NDVI and NDRE. Additionally we can provide individual plot metrics specific to your crop, such as canopy cover, emergence assessments, plot height, broad leaf plant counts and more.

With an Outfield survey you get:

  • Trial data provided in a range of numerical, graphical and GIS ready formats
  • Fully qualified and insured drone operators
  • Accurate geolocation of all data using RTK GPS as standard