Cluver Farms slash costs with precision application


Higher input costs such as labour and agrichemicals have been the dominant feature of South Africa’s agricultural sector over the past year, increasing at an unprecedented rate with little sign of slowing down. 

Karin Cluver, of Cluver Farms knew she needed to take action to ensure they were efficiently using both chemicals and labour resources, thus a project was formed to test precision dosing of agrichemicals.

Precision spraying in pears

CASE STUDY – Coming Soon

At ACH Farming in Kent, UK, Outfield blossom maps are being used to improve the application of chemical thinning agents. This improves crop yields by driving better homogeneity of fruit set, while reducing costs by reducing the need for hand thinning.

Using Outfield’s blossom maps gives Paul Hamlyn and his team confidence that thinning agents are being applied in the right areas.