Blossom Mapping

Understand blossom variability across your orchard to optimise production

Blossom Mapping

With the right number of fruit on every tree, fruit grades and yields improve. This process starts with blossom, understanding your blossom variability and managing it precisely helps optimise the number of grade A fruit at harvest. 

Use Outfield to:

  • Analyse blossom variability across your orchard 
  • Receive an early indicator of yield potential 
  • Track peak blossom and biannual trends
  • Make informed decisions on applying thinning and fixing agents
  • Create precision sprayer maps for blossom and fruitlet thinning

Blossoming in the spring is key to a successful harvest crop in the autumn. With the flower life span ranging only from 2 to 10 days, it is also the shortest part of the growing cycle; leaving a very short window of opportunity to act to maximise yield potential. 

Mapping peak blossom identifies areas of potential weakness or underperformance across your orchard and provides early indication of cropping potential for the season. Using the Outfield system you can fly a drone over your entire orchard in as little as 15 minutes and receive an output map showing variable rates of high and low levels of blossom density, quickly and reliably. 

This early understanding of blossom variability allows you to pinpoint exactly where treatments and intervention are required, providing the ability to manage the orchard and deploy resources with improved efficiency.

We know that no two orchards are the same. Whether you are doing blanket application of thinning agents, targeting precise applications or using the maps to track peak blossom trends, Outfield provides you with the timely and actionable data you need. Using Outfield, you can actively manage the blossom in your orchard to achieve consistency, quality and quantity every season.


Well managed blossom

Targeted interventions

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