Adding your orchards

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  • Post published:July 5, 2022
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To get started go to our website and click on Login in the top right hand corner. Once you’re on the login page, enter your details and click the arrow to log in to the Outfield Platform.

You’ll be met with this page, if this is your first time in the Outfield Platform, this page should be empty. So let’s start by adding our first orchard. Click on “Add an Orchard”

Adding orchards is broken up into four simple steps:

1. Basic information

Type in the name of your orchard, select the fruit type, type in the variety then click the arrow to go to the next step

2. Orchard Location and Boundary

This is where we draw our orchard boundary.

First, use the search bar to get closer to the location of your orchard. You can type the names of cities towns or streets to get as close to your orchard as possible. Once you’re in the general area you can zoom in with your scroll wheel and dragging the map.

Once you find the orchard select the polygon tool:

The goal here is to draw a shape around the boundary of your orchard so that the drone knows where it can and can’t fly. Keep the boundary tight to the edge of the trees so that the drone doesn’t collide with buildings or windbreakers.

Begin by clicking on the map to draw your orchard. Each time you click, a new point will be added, to complete the boundary, click on the first point you placed.

If you make a mistake, you can click on the delete tool to remove the last point you placed:

Feel free to add as many points as you need to ensure the boundary fits perfectly over your orchard.

3. Row Bearing

This step is done to ensure that the drone is facing the right direction during the flight

Select the line tool:

Draw a line over one of the rows in the orchard, the longer you make this line, the more accurate the row bearing will be.

If you make a mistake, you can click on the delete tool to restart:

4. Further Details

Enter all the details of your orchard in the fields provided

If you don’t know all of these it’s okay, but it’s valuable to outfield, providing all of this information can improve the accuracy of our maps

Once you’re happy with the details provided click the arrow to go to the next step

On the summary page you can see a summary of all the information you provided as well as the boundary of the orchard that you just created. If you’re happy with all of this information click on “Done”

You’ve now successfully added your first orchard. Well done!

The next step is generating a flight plan, to see that article, click here.