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About Outfield


Outfield is an agri-tech startup based in Cambridge, UK. We are building systems to help fruit growers be more productive, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Outfield was founded in 2016.

Meet the team

Oli Hilbourne - Founder and Operations Director

Oli is an aerospace engineer with a background in aircraft design. He leads Outfield’s operations and surveying work and holds a PfCO to fly drones in the UK. Oli is passionate about how technologies such as robotics and machine learning can impact the world around us. He enjoys warm beaches and a good pub quiz.

Jim McDougall - Founder and Commercial Director

Jim is a mechanical engineer with a background in environmental risk management. He has several years experience in the offshore oil and gas and private equity industries. Jim is passionate about building successful teams and scalable systems. He enjoys windy mountains and long bike rides.

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